Lars Harmsen, Germany
Creative Director, Magma Brand Design
Workshop: The TypoLyrics Project Realtime
TypoLyrics is about bringing together song lyrics with innovative font designs. The result is a collection of visuals, a small publication as well as posters.

Please bring your own laptop (with your own software including contemporary Thai Fonts), a digital camera (smart phone Camera will work), pencils and contemporary Thai Music (MP3 files) + Lyrics (Txt).
The workshop will be held in English.

@ Silpakorn University
July 24, 10:00am – 3:00pm


Gerry Leonidas, UK
Dean of the masterclass type design of the University of Reading
Workshop: Type and typography masterclass
This one-day workshop is for designers who already have some typefaces in digital form, and want to refine and extend their designs. The focus is on Latin typefaces, and optionally for multi-script designs. We will be looking at the typographic problems facing contemporary typefaces, and the challenges that screen-based texts bring to typeface designers.

Each participant can bring their existing completed or in-progress typefaces to get directed feedback, and advice on how to proceed. Starting by looking at printouts of the participants designs, we will identify areas of strength and discover ways to improve the work. Using their laptops, participants will edit their designs during the workshop, to produce another round of printouts for review.

Please bring your own laptop with your work in progress.
The workshop will be held in English.

@ Chulalongkorn University
July 24, 10:00am – 3:00pm

Ben Mitchell, UK
MA Typeface Design, University of Reading
freelance type designer
Workshop: Practical Thai typeface design
In this one-day workshop, students will work together to design a Thai, Latin or bi-script typeface that suits the needs of real-world newspapers or magazines.
We will start the day looking at the typography of various publications, and think about what typefaces are successful in these environments. We will then draw up a design brief that will give us the foundation for building a Thai typeface of our own.

Each student will work on a set of characters, with regular feedback and critique from the class, to collaboratively build the full character set needed for Thai. Depending on students’ experience and interests, our typeface could also support Latin, which will raise awareness of harmonising different writing systems.
Students will leave with a better understanding of the process and challenges of professional typeface design, especially how to think in terms of a design brief and how to ensure consistency when working with others.
This workshop is suitable for people with some experience in typeface design. Knowledge of Thai is not essential.

Please bring Pencil and notepads, your own laptop with font editing software (e.g. FontLab or Glyphs).
The workshop will be held in English. 

@ Chulalongkorn University
July 24, 10:00am – 3:00pm


Gerard Unger, Netherlands
Professor at The University of Reading,
Department of Typography and Graphic Communication
Workshop: Minisigns for Megacommunication – Designing typefaces for smartphones
Indian-Arabic numerals have been completely adapted to the Latin script. What will happen if we adapt the latinized numerals to the Thai script, taking this script as a starting point.

We will research different kinds of numerals or figures, lining, old style, monospaced, proportionally spaced, semi non ranging, superior, inferior. This will be a study of shapes from different cultures and we will merge them into one set of characters, partly global, also local.

Please bring your own laptop (with Illustrator, FontLab, Glyph, Fontographer), paper, pens and pencils in all kind and colors.
The workshop will be held in English.

@ Chulalongkorn University
July 24, 10:00am – 3:00pm

MyungJin Kim, Korea
Professor, Head of Foundation Department
Samsung Art and Design Institute, Seoul, Korea
Workshop: 2 dimensional elements in Korean Typography (by Joseph Albers way)
Korean type is not only semiotic sign as a language but also semantic symbol as a visual image. Compared to Latin types, Korean language was developed by scholars under the king Sejong around 1443 and used by women and children first. Korean fonts and type faces are still ongoing process in terms of its visual excellence.

In this workshop, Korean sans serif types will be explored in terms of 2 dimensional design elements such as dots, lines and planes by cutting and folding methods which were used by Joseph Albers. Without knowing a certain language system, types can be approached as pure visual elements. By the use of repetition and variation, 2 dimensional elements of  Korean types can be turned out to pure abstract pattern, texture and even 3 dimensional form. Curiosity and exploration will lead creativity.

Please bring A4 paper, paper cutter or knife and pen or pencils.
The workshop will be held in English.

@ Bangkok University
July 25, 10:00am – 3:00pm


Oliver Linke, Germany
Type Designer and founder of the type foundry Lazydogs
Workshop: Production of a typeface – from drafts to final font files
This Workshop will give a first-hand insight into font production with FontLab Studio. For a simple exemplary font project we will go through the major steps from first sketches to the final OpenType font file. We'll find a viable way through the jungle of options and dialogues and solve the tricky parts during this procedure.

This session is not only for type design newcomers, who want to learn more about font technology, but will also offer a new perspective to the typographer's material.

Please bring your own laptop with FontLab Studio 5.x installed. You can download a demo version from
The workshop will be held in English.

@ Cadson Demak
July 25, 10:00am – 4:00pm